Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fourth (Happy) Brew

Sunday, Feb 20

In keeping with the theme of previous batches, I felt that given my sour mood of the post holiday, vegan funk. I thought a "Happy" brew would be just the thing. So hopefully my additional sentinel will watch over my latest creation

  • 5 spoons of High Mountain Oolong
  • 1 cup 365 Organic Sucunat
  • 2 Eldest Scobies (I moved Hannah's original to the hotel)
I am trying a variety of teas, so this batch is 100% Oolong. This was fancy stuff my wife brought back from Singapore. When its done, its done.

Its a fine looking weed

I opted for a 25 minute steep, although I confess, I lost track of the time after the timer went off, so this is somewhere between a 25-50 minute steep (eek), I'm sure it will be fine. I had good success with the Sucunat, so I elected to use it again as well.

25 Minute steep (or thereabouts), and added sucunat.  Poured remaining 8 cups of water in the vessel, and then added the sweet tea.

Time to get this covered up and put away

Interestingly enough, I waited a while longer than before to get this batch going, and my starter that I had set aside:

Had grown a little Scoby on the top. Damned if these aren't the craziest things.

Last time a 2 week window seemed to work just fine, and based on work, and my general attitude, I would say I'm not going to get around to checking this for a few weeks. Hopefully it becomes a Happy brew

Keep watch

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