Friday, February 18, 2011

Third (Bashful) Brew - Bottling

February 12, 2011 - Bottling

This one went way longer than I had intended, and I seriously thought this was going to be a large batch of salad dressing.  I noticed that when I tasted it, it was much more naturally fizzy than the others I have done at this point.  It was rather good, and sour.  I could have poured a big glass of this over ice, and left it.  

I pitched my shredded Scoby from the last time, and noticed I got a much nicer one this time.  The new Scoby is n the top right.  Try and guess which one came from Hannah... You guessed it, the beauty on the bottom.  Hannah has some nice Scobies ;)

I decided to simplify somewhat.  One bottle with Black Raspberries, one with Red Raspberries, and this time Meier Lemons with about twice the ginger.  I also decided to bottle one plain with a little rock sugar just to see what would happen.

I'm making 5 bottles as I used a bottle to start a Scoby Hotel.  This is a cool picture before I extracted and separated the scobies. Look at how they form a nice tight seal across the top.  This I think is a big reason why I got a nice fizzy batch.  2 scobies are the way to go

Only 5 bottles this time

Frozen Red Raspberries - Small Handful

Feb 25 - Opened - This was mega fizzy, so much so i lost half the bottle on the counter. very strong and sour

Meier Lemon/Ginger - 3 slices of lemon, about 1/2 oz. of juice and about 10 pieces of ginger

Mar 6 - Opened - Big fizz, still in need of more ginger, but it was very tasty!

Frozen Black Raspberries - Small Handful 

Feb 19 - Opened - Light Fizz, similar to lindedmans lambic, very nice. will do again soon

Plain - Teaspoon of German Rock Sugar

Feb 20 - Opened - Almost no fizz, light sour, plain , simple. just ok

Meier Lemon/Ginger - 3 slices of lemon, about 1/2 oz. of juice and about 10 pieces of ginger 

Feb 19 - Opened - Not so tart, lt fizz, still need more ginger, need more 2nd ferment time too

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